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- 100% learnt something new

- 97% now feel better equipt to become a successful performer

- 82% very satisfied with the content (100% were satisfied or above)

Elliot Wallton

Shifted My Perspective

Elliot Wallton

Really insightful feedback from him on my questions covering: price matrix's, agencies/ self sourced work and website/ branding! Helped clear things up, gave me a lot to think about, shifted some perspectives that I have been struggling with recently and spurred some much needed critical thinking! Nice one Josh, thanks very much for your time today!
Gaia Ward

I've come away feeling encouraged and positive about the steps i need to take

Gaia Ward

Super easy to talk to, answered all my question succinctly, with honestly and transparency which I really appreciated. Nice to have had such a beneficial conversation, packed with information and useful tips, that didn't feel totally sterile and 'business like', just friendly and to the point! We covered methods of sourcing independent work, networking and how to price yourself, amongst other things; I've come away feeling encouraged and positive about the steps i need to take.
Aaron Howorth

Valuable insight into the industry

Aaron Howorth

Managed to cover multiple questions I had regarding how to go about starting in the industry. He was clear and to the point and provided a number of useful resources that could potentially be of benefit in helping me go further as a fire performer. Highly recommend and can’t wait to chat with the other mentors, too gain more valuable insight into the industry.
Liz Atherton

Achievable short term and long term tasks

Liz Atherton

We were able to cover quite a range of topics and markets in such a short space of time. I came away with achievable short term and long term tasks/ goals that I think will lead quickly to bookings. I'm really looking forward to the course and hearing from the other tutors.
Lucinda Zimmer

How To Make Myself More Employable

Lucinda Zimmer

I had a 30 minute mentoring session with Josh over the phone and he was so helpful in just 30 minutes of chat. He answered all my questions and gave me some very useful tips on how to make myself more employable, specifically for cruise ship work. He even offered to critique my pitch over email which I will be sending to him in due course. He was very helpful and friendly and I would definitely recommend!
Ed Mondo

Amazingly knowledgeable and hit the mark on the head

Ed Mondo

I found Josh Morris to be amazingly knowledgeable and hit the mark on the head with exactly what I need to do to correct my current processes in finding performing work. And this was just from a 30 min 1-1 via Skype, I very much look forward to where I’ll be after the 3 day course!
Stanley Styx

Wow! This course delivered everything I hoped it would and about as much again!

Stanley Styx

With so many incredibly high end agents and specialist tutors in every conceivable area of performing, I absolutely marvel at how good value this course was for my time and money. Apart from the very first day of picking up the disciplines, these were easily the best days of my lifetime for career advancement in circus. Thanks to Josh and everyone involved for putting it on. If you weren't there for the last one, hound him to let you on the next go round, you will 100% not regret it!
Limerick Flow Rence

I can not stress enough how much this course helped me to understand and feel more confident

Limerick Flow Rence

I can not stress enough how much this course helped me to understand and feel more confident in building my own bussness in the performing industry. All the teachers are a great inspiration. So much work has been put into it. I thank and say Well done to all the teachers and Josh for making such a helpful inspiring course. If you want to make performing your business successfully I couldn't recommend this course more.
Julia Cormack-Cooke

This course offers the kind of industry knowledge money couldn't buy - until now.

Julia Cormack-Cooke

This course offers the kind of industry knowledge money couldn't buy - until now. I went into it with no expectations - I walked out of it wondering why the course wasn't 10x more expensive. Every single tutor offered valuable insights, presented clearly. It was wonderful to see how much passion went into creating and delivering the program, from every single person who was part of it. Whether you're at the very beginning of your career - or 10 years in, I am confident you will learn something useful from this. Also, I would find out how to sign up to pre-book; it is 100% worth making sure you grab a place. Thank you to everyone, but especially to Josh Morris - you are a huge inspiration to us all, thank you for creating this.
  • You Will Learn How to

    +Utilize direct marketing
    +Make a kick ass promo video
    +Get more gigs from agents
    +Utilise social media
    +Learn which market is best for you
    +Build yourself for a specific market
    +Build client relationships
    +Make a pitch
    +Optimise your back office
    +Create an act that will sell
    +Learn sellable skills
    +Become more interactive on and off stage
    +Find gigs
    +Get corporate jobs
    +Get cruise ship work
    +Perform at weddings
    +Side hustle
    +Price your act
    +And so much more!!!

  • Leading Industry Professionals Teaching

    Act Development
    Social Media
    Back Office Organisation
    How To Promo
    Brand Development
    Side Hustling
    And all the other admin you hate to do.

  • Services

    We offer a variety of services capable of getting you to the next level of your performance career.

    Face to face to face courses, Online courses, 1 to 1s with leading specialist and access to support networks.

    If you’re looking to get a kickstart into becoming a professional or feel like you’ve lost your mojo and need new strategies, we are here for you.

    Some interesting statistics from our first course.
    - 100% enjoyed the course
    - 97% thought the course was a good value for money
    - 90% would book on an advanced course
    - 83% want to now book a 1 to 1 with a tutor
    - 82% felt the information was very relevant (100% relevant or above)
    - 60% say the course should cost more